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Meet the team

Stella Shaw RGN

Stella Shaw RGN

Dip (HE), BSc (Hons) PGCPD, MSc Education Director and Registered Manager

StellarCare NW was founded in April 2018 by a Stella Shaw, a Registered Nurse with a long history of working in the NHS and Education sector.

Stella left the NHS to work as a Personal Assistant within her local community providing a wide range of services including personal care, offering companionship, undertaking domestic duties and offering general assistance to customers in their own home aiming, to support customers to live as independent as possible.

Such roles are offered by a myriad of Social Care agencies however, the ethos of StellarCare NW is to integrate Social Care roles with health by offering additional level of care and support by utilising nursing knowledge and skills and thus, offering a Nurse Led approach to care in the community.

It is the desire of StellarCare NW to raise care standards in the community and improve Customer access to HealthCare Services in a timely manner aiming to prevent, identify and treat disease utilising community healthcare provisions more effectively, the overall benefit being the reduction of unnecessary hospital admissions and keeping the mind and body as best as possible for as long as possible.

Charmaine Holland

Charmaine Holland

Care Manager

Charmaine is a health and Social Care professional with 13 years of progressive experience of working in profit and non-profit organisations within the Health and Social Care Sector; in the community, domiciliary and residential care settings.

Charmaine holds a QCF Level 5 in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s services – Adults General Practice; as well as a Higher-Level Apprenticeship in care Leadership and Management: General Adults Social Care.

She has notable experience in various roles from being a Senior Care Support Worker, Care Quality Co-ordinator, Business Development Manager and Line Manager.

Charmaine is focused and extremely passionate in providing high quality care delivery that is person centred and unique to all her clients care needs as well as their rich life experiences; and in maintaining everyone’s health and well-being.

Care Coordinator

Because we care

At StellarCare NW, we believe that a good carer is passionate about the care they provide and the needs of the people they care for. They ensure the care they are providing is person centred and in the interest of the service user and their families.

Passionate carers view working in the care industry not as a job, but as a professional vocation and will always want to learn more and build on their existing knowledge and skills. A good carer may hold qualifications in Health and Social Care as well as completing specialist and specific training for health conditions such as Dementia. The skills and qualities of a carer go above qualifications so no one is disadvantaged should they want to work as a carer.

Some of the key skills we look for are:

Empathy and patience

A good carer has empathy and the ability to put themselves in the shoes of the people they care for. The ability to do this allows good carers to fully understand the needs of their service users and tailor the care they provide around their understanding to ensure high quality, person centred support. A good carer will always be patient and will understand that it’s what you achieve that’s important, not how long it takes you to achieve it.  

Positivity and encouragement

A good carer will understand the importance of positivity and how it plays a huge part in someone’s well-being. A good carer will always greet the people they care for with a smile and positive attitude. They will encourage the people they care for to do what they can and will support where needed, to ensure you are living as independently as possible.  

Reliable and respectful

Good carers are dedicated to being on time and understand that being late can affect the routine of the people they care for. Good carers will often go above and beyond what is expected to ensure their service users are comfortable, safe and that all needs are met. Good carers will respect and empower your decisions and not assume you are unable to make them.  

Observant and communitive

Good carers save countless lives with their observation skills. There have been many occasions whereby carers have noticed signs and symptoms, which has led to health conditions being recognised early for the ones they care for.

Good carers will be able to communicate any health concerns effectively with third parties and will always reassure you. Being easy to talk to and a good listener is extremely important in providing the best care. Good carers will encourage conversation and will enjoy listening to the stories about your life, family and friends.

Carewatch 2020

All carers are a direct employee of StellarCare NW, we never use agency staff, ensuring our high standards of care are maintained at all times.  

  • All carers are employed using value-based recruitment processes  
  • DBS certificates are checked for each staff member and all staff are expected to sign up to the update service, providing ongoing checks throughout the year  
  • A minimum of 2 references are required for each staff member  
  • Key statutory and mandatory training is required before the carer can begin work with customers  
  • Nurse led training and learning is encouraged to promote lifelong learning 
  • Opportunities for career development are essential for carer personal and professional wellbeing  
  • Carers are very well paid and recognised as skilled within their field  

Next steps

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent home care service that goes above and beyond, to make sure our customers are cared for just as the customer expects. The nurse led element to domiciliary care is growing in demand due to the complex needs of people living in the community. 

Recent research suggests that people would rather live at home with support than go into a nursing home. StellarCare NW bridges the gap between social and healthcare providing a holistic package of care that other providers do not offer.    

I hope that you have found the information on this website useful, and please do not hesitate to contact me for further details. Should you wish to join the StellarCare NW team then please just give us a call and a member of the team will call you to arrange a suitable time to visit   

Thank you, we look forward to meeting you soon.


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