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There is no doubt that 2019 was a remarkable year with the emergence of a new global pandemic known as Covid-19. While the effects of the pandemic are widespread the impact on health and social care has been unprecedented. Below details some of the actions taken to minimise the risk of cross infection amongst a group of care workers on the front line

  • Business continuity plans put in place
  • Call priority assessments completed to ensure care is provided to those most vulnerable
  • The implementation of a Traffic Light System detailing level of risk to the continuation of care
  • Monthly newsletters to all clients and their families
  • Wider networking with other agencies to ensure continuation of calls when staff are needing to self-isolate
  • Procuring the best and most cost effective personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Implementing government guidelines across StellarCare NW
  • Reduced working office hours to minimise risk of transmission
  • Weekly COVID-19 testing for all staff
  • Engaging with authorities re vaccination programme
  • All care staff complete level 1 and level 2 infection preventions and control training online and face to face
  • All care staff have their own PPE boxes fully equipment with all the necessary equipment to keep the client and themselves safe
  • All care calls are recorded via online app accessed by individual phones minimising the use of paper and pens
  • Care staff equipped with Thermometers to test client and staff temperatures
  • New flow charts and guidelines in place to ensure staff are aware of actions to take should someone become ill
  • Online Workplace platform to provide ongoing and up to date information to all staff
  • WhatsApp group to discuss urgent changes

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