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Independent home care services

Personal care

Our experienced care staff are discreet and sensitive and will maintain privacy and dignity at all times when supporting clients with personal care and with dressing and undressing.

Only staff trained with Level 3 Medication Support training can administer medications which are recorded in our eMAR system.   

Not all our staff are gourmet chefs, however they will do their best to cook a nutritious meal from scratch or prepare a ready meal. Either way, care staff will ensure that you are well fed and hydrated.


Our care staff can provide a variety of comprehensive services to our clients, including just being there for company and a stimulating conversation.

Household duties can get difficult for some people, but not to worry, our care staff will be happy to undertake those chores to support around the home.

Sometimes, just knowing that someone is calling round to check in offers welcome reassurance to clients and their next of kin.

We will provide sleepovers to give peace of mind to our customers and respite for their families. Waking nights are when our staff are on hand throughout the night.  

All care staff complete a visit log to document all care undertaken, should any alerts or concerns be raised, the office is informed where a senior carer will review and escalate to a registered nurse for review.   

Nursing care

StellarCare NW is a small independent business that aims to integrate domiciliary social care services with health care by promoting the following key themes:  

  • Health promotion and independence  
  • Early identification of illness and disease 
  • Ongoing management of conditions by closer working with health care agencies. 

The nurse led approach to care offers many benefits to the client whether you need nursing support or not. The following is included in all costs and there if you need them!  

  • Regular monitoring and recording vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, temperature and blood sugar) and identifying problems not always visibly seen
  • Observation of pressure areas and skin integrity aiming to prevent pressure sores and ulcers developing, reducing on-going care and unnecessary pain and discomfort
  • Liaising with GPs to ensure effective treatment is in place in a timely manner 
  • Monitoring medication support, liaising with your GP and Pharmacy
  • Provide basic care in the absence of a District Nurse 
  • Provide nutritional support i.e. PEG feeding 
  • Ostomy support/changing bags monitoring for infections and sores 
  • Medication assistance 

By integrating health and social care it is the desire of StellarCare NW to raise care standards in the community and improve customer access to healthcare services in a timely manner.

We aim to prevent, identify and treat disease utilising community healthcare provisions more effectively. The overall benefit being the reduction of unnecessary hospital admissions and keeping the mind and body as fit as possible, for as long as possible.  

General support

To learn more about the wide range of nursing, and general care support we offer, get in touch with us today.


Jo Radcliffe, Frodsham  

‘Mum never wanted to go to a home and I’m so pleased I’ve not had that stress over the last few months. She has been so well guarded with PPE from day zero and the standard of care has been as high as ever. Home care is the way’

NP, Frodsham  

‘The StellarCare team have made such a massive difference to us all, they kept our loved one going and gave her lots of love and friendship, thank you.’ 

ET, Chester  

‘We cannot thank Stella and her team enough for all the hard work and dedication they show in looking after my partner, their support is second to none.’

BJ, Chester 

‘Excellent service, excellent staff and their passion for what they do stands out by a mile... we’d be lost without them.’

BT, Ellesmere Port  

‘This company/care staff are so friendly, caring professional and understanding of mums needs and the family’s expectations, we cannot fault them at all, we just feel so lucky to have this company looking after our mum.’


‘Experienced and caring staff. I recommend StellarCare services unequivocally. They were my angels when I needed help getting back on my feet.’

MG, Ellesmere Port  

‘Hi, you have recently taken over my mums care and I feel as though I have to email you to tell you that the girls involved in my mums care are a credit to your company,  professionalism  and caring nature they give to my mum and to the family is second to none. Thank you for taking on home care for my mum.’

Paul, Ellesmere Port  

‘Can I just also say how impressed dad and I are with all the carers. They treat dad with kindness, consideration and courtesy. Today’s actions speak to that

Countess of Chester Hospital

‘Can you pass on to StellarCare that we have been really impressed (Neurotherapy team) with their helpfulness on the phone and also the quality of care and kindness of care staff when met on visits.’


When considering adult social care support, you are able to request a financial assessment to determine if you are eligible for funding or whether you will have to pay a contribution towards the care package.  

If your capital and savings are below £23,250, the Council may contribute financially towards your care costs if you are found to be eligible following an assessment of your needs.  

If you have eligible care needs and have capital between £14,250 and £23,250, you will pay £1 a week for every £250 you have above £14,250 as well as your assessed contribution from your income.  

If you have more than £23,250 in capital and savings, you will have to pay for your own care services. You should still ask the Council for a care assessment as you may still be supported in some capacity, for example with information and advice.

Contact your local office for a quote here.

StellarCare NW has a minimum of 1-hour calls policy and fees start from £24per hour per carer.  

If you’d like to know more about our services and costs, book a free consultation with us to see how StellarCare NW can support you.  

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