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Nursing Care


Nursing Care in your Home

Nursing Care in your Home

Nursing Care in your Home

As a Registered Nurse I can offer a high level of preventative care that involves the holistic assessment and management of care in the comfort of your own home. 

In conjunction with personal care you can rest assured that all aspects of health are reviewed aiming to identify problems, preventing them from becoming serious health concerns



Nursing Care in your Home

Nursing Care in your Home

Key services offered however, please enquire in relation to services not listed below:

  • Regular monitoring and recording vital signs (BP, Pulse, Respiratory Rate & Temperature). By monitoring these I  can identify problems not visibly seen.
  • Observation of pressure areas and skin integrity aiming to prevent pressure sores and ulcers developing  reducing ongoing care and unnecessary pain and discomfort.
  • Liaising with GP to ensure effective treatment is in place in a timely manner
  • Monitoring medication support, liaising with your GP and Pharmacy, 
  • Provide basic would care in the absence of a District Nurse
  • Provide nutritional support i.e. PEG feeding
  • Ostomy support/changing bags monitoring for infections and sores
  • Ear Irrigation - a service no longer provided by some GP services  



Nursing Care in your Home


Traditional social care services are vital but are limited in the care that they can provide. Offering a Nursing Service improves the quality of social care in the comfort of your own home at little extra cost.

I offer a continuity of service that is highly sought after, building up excellent relations with you and your loved one 

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